Sunday, 1 April 2018

But wait, there's more!

After ploughing through all kinds of Torongo records which told me quite a bit about the family but didn't reveal what I was looking for - i.e. was John Torongo's wife my great great aunt Elizabeth Doyle - I had a breakthrough, thanks to DNA.

I found a reasonably strong DNA match, for both myself and my brother, with someone who is descended from John and Elizabeth through their son Hilliard Francis Torongo!  It looks like we're 3rd cousins.  I've contacted this person, and am currently living in hope of a response that will shed more light on everything. It's possible that I match this person through some other route entirely, but so far, that's not looking at all likely.  So I'm quite confident that our matching DNA came from Elizabeth Doyle's parents, Francis Doyle and Mary Croskery, who were my great great grandparents. 

Fingers crossed.  Of course, this 'breakthrough' doesn't even get me halfway to Step One of figuring out who the mysterious PM is....

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